Social Media


Everyone’s jumping on the ‘Social Media’ bandwagon these days. Facebooking, Twittering, FriendFeeding, LinkedIn-ing… it’s a noisy confusing jumble of technojargon and marketing hype. Hidden deep within the noise is a transformation not only in how companies communicate with their stakeholders, but literally in how your business operates.

While your competition is focused on setting up a Facebook page or Twitter account, you’ll be busy:

Out researching your competition. You will not only see what your stakeholders are saying about you, we’ll also show you how to uncover your competition’s entire digital marketing strategy.

Out innovating your competition. You will find out how the smartest companies are using the social web to uncover their next products and services – in a systematic repeatable fashion.

Out communicating your competition. You’ll learn how to set up an organization-wide communication plan that will integrate social media with your traditional communication methods.

Out servicing your competition. You’ll learn how social media tools can truly create a competitive advantage in the customer-service arena.

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