Linchpin Meetup


Hey there Linchpins! I hope you are as excited about the upcoming Linchpin Meetups as I am. Thousands of people meeting around the world all talking about how they are going to do amazing things with their lives and careers is pretty inspiring. I’ve had the pleasure of having a few conversations with Seth in the past, and have produced a video summary of Linchpin.

You are here for one of two reasons:

First, you might be here to brush up on the book to get ready for the Meetups. If that’s you, welcome! Hopefully you’ll get some new insights from the book from my conversations with Seth.

Second, you might be here because somebody really wants you to know about the work that Seth Godin does, and really wants you to come out to a Meetup and “join the Tribe”. If that’s you, I want to give you a challenge. Take 12 minutes and watch the book summary below. If you still aren’t interested in Linchpin or anything to do with these meetups, close the page and be done with it. But if something draws you in, or inspires you, or gets you thinking that there may be something here for you, please hit any of the nice big Meetup buttons on the page and get in the game.

There’s at least two hours worth of material here for you if you really want to take a deep dive, but the real win is getting out in the world and joining the conversation in real life about this stuff. That’s where the magic happens.

Linchpin Book Summary

Go ahead, click it, you know you want to…but just in case you aren’t convinced yet, listen to the interview I did with Seth about the book. As always, he’s at his best when he’s challenging the status quo. I dare you to listen to this entire interview and not be personally challenged.

Linchpin Interview with Seth

Here’s an interview I did with Seth for a post I did with Mashable:

Linchpin Webinar with Seth

So if you’ve somehow made it this far, surely you are ready to join a Meetup. So go ahead, click the button and find a Meetup near you. If you want just a little more Seth before you do, here’s a summary of one of his earlier books, “The Dip” along with an interview I did with Seth about that book.

The Dip Book Summary

The Dip Interview with Seth