Steve Cunningham (President & CEO)

Before taking the reigns at Polar, Steve studied to become an economist and mathematician, but instead became a lawyer. What does that have to do with digital communications and innovation? Everything, if you consider that his background and training has equipped him with a unique view of the world and the ability to solve complex issues in elegant and simple ways.

Steve produces a video podcast at, where he summarizes the latest and greatest of the billion (or so) business books that bombard us every year. Tangled somewhere in that forest of pages are at least a few business-changing ideas that Steve distills down to their essence. Proving that innovative content trumps catchy slogans, hundreds of people from every corner of the globe tune in every week.

As an active member of his community, Steve sits on the board of the Halton Children’s Aid Foundation, does charitable work for Kids’ Health Links Foundation, and talks about the power of the web to transform businesses to groups of CEOs across North America.