Brains on Fire


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What’s the difference between a campaign and a movement? Lots, according to Geno Church, one of the authors of Brains on Fire. Join this webinar and you will learn how to:

1.  Create a movement that allows your “fans” and “advocates” to spread your message;

2.  Create a powerful identity for your movement; and

3.  Generate results beyond your wildest imagination.

Spots are limited, so register today and get entered into a draw for a signed copy of Brains on Fire.

Buy A Copy, Get 3 Free Months of Read It For Me Pro

Here’s how you get your copy of Brains on Fire today. Click here, and then 2 payments will be listed. First, “$33.00 CAD for the first 3 months” gets you your copy of Brains on Fire and 3 months access to Read It For Me Pro (a $59.97 value, completely FREE). Second, “Then $19.99 CAD for each month” payment will only be charged to your account if you decide to keep your subscription to Read It For Me Pro. You can cancel that anytime before the 3 month free trial is finished, and your credit card will not be charged. What’s Read It For Me Pro?  Click here to watch a sample episode.

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