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Practically Radical Summary


When you are the founding editor of Fast Company magazine, you get an up close look at some of the most fascinating and successful organizations in the world. Over the years, these organizations have been rewriting the rules of business. In Practically Radical Taylor gives us the road map for transforming companies, shaking up entire industries, and challenging ourselves to lead in brand new ways.

Sign up for the webinar with Bill Taylor

We will be be hosting a webinar with Bill Taylor on February 25 at 1pm EST. Spots are limited, so register today and get entered into a draw for a signed copy of Practically Radical. To win one of 4 other copies we are giving away here this week, visit our Facebook Page and “like” us there for details.

Download the summary pdf

Don’t have time to read it all now? Download the summary and read it on the go. And don’t forget to give yourself the gift of a new marketing book summary every single week by signing up for Read It For Me.

Listen to our interview with Bill Taylor

Listen in as Bill and I talk about how leaders are transforming their companies, industries, and sometimes themselves. Bill has some profound insights for us.

Buy A Copy, Get 3 Free Months of Read It For Me Pro

Here’s how you get your copy of Practically Radical today. Click here, and then 2 payments will be listed. First, “$33.00 CAD for the first 3 months” gets you your copy of Practically Radical and 3 months access to Read It For Me Pro (a $59.97 value, completely FREE). Second, “Then $19.99 CAD for each month” payment will only be charged to your account if you decide to keep your subscription to Read It For Me Pro. You can cancel that anytime before the 3 month free trial is finished, and your credit card will not be charged. What’s Read It For Me Pro?  Click here to watch a sample episode.

  • RobElder
    Hey Steve just had Bill up for a ypo event great guy...great book. Call to catch up Rob
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