Think Better Summary Day 4: That’s Not the Way We Do Things Around Here


That’s right, April 15 is National “That Sucks” Day. Don’t believe me? Visit, although you might find yourself browsing all day, so maybe you better not. Also, have you ever had somebody tell you “that’s not the way we do things around here”? If so, today’s episode will suggest a prescription for this terrible disease infecting office environments everywhere.

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We’ve got a new feature here at Read It For Me, and we are calling it “Read It With Us”. In each of our daily posts we’ll be including an interview with somebody else who has read the book and will be asking them for their insights. Email me (steve at polarunlimited dot com) if you want to be on the show and have your big brain, and company, highlighted.

5 ways to win a copy of “Think Better”

We really want you to have a copy of this book, so go watch the Think Better Summary Preview to find out the 5 ways to win.

  • That's not the way we do things around here - I wish I had a dollar for every time someone has said that to me! But now that I work with, rather than in companies, it's my challenge to challenge. Steve, I like what you threw down to us - to see if we can come up with an alternative. But why only today? It's down to people like us, people who share with us in the Read it for Me community to grasp the nettle, and to make the changes.
  • I think it would be great if we did it everyday :)
  • sherfelad
    I love this idea. We need to constantly attack our underlying assumptions about the way "we do things around here". The trick is how to make a process out of it and foster motivation in people to actively engage in breaking and restructuring the culture. Bob Sutton wrote a post about creating a "stupid rules" contest between employees to find the most stupid rule that need to be canceled. I took that Idea one step further in a post a wrote about it ( to say this is a skill, the ability to kill things, that we must acquire and train. To many things suck! Let's change them! Thanks Steve!
  • Excellent post, and great idea! I think I'll be implementing a "stupid rules" content at our company in the very near future.
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