Think Better Summary Day 3: Knowing What Success Looks Like


That’s right, April 14 is National Be Nice To a Lawyer Day. I’m protesting. Or perhaps I’ll just watch the best of Liar Liar instead. It’s also a great day to start asking the right questions. Why? Because asking the right questions is SO critical to your success in business. Today’s episode explores why this is the case.

Read It With Us

We’ve got a new feature here at Read It For Me, and we are calling it “Read It With Us”. In each of our daily posts we’ll be including an interview with somebody else who has read the book and will be asking them for their insights. Email me (steve at polarunlimited dot com) if you want to be on the show and have your big brain, and company, highlighted.

5 ways to win a copy of “Think Better”

We really want you to have a copy of this book, so go watch the Think Better Summary Preview to find out the 5 ways to win.

  • Eric Marshall
    I think R(restrictions) and V(values) often get overlooked in the initial planning/brainstorming. Thinking about what the known restrictions are and deciding to steer clear at the beginning can be vital. And, even though we usually always know what our underlying values are, it's sometimes overlooked as to how they apply to specific projects and ideas.
  • I agree - coming back to the restrictions and values each and every day is critical to actually putting them into action.
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