Rework Day 3: A look into the psyche of 37 Signals


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Don’t forget to enter below for a chance to win your free copy of Rework, and make sure to watch the Rework Summary (Preview). It could quite simply be one of the best business books you’ll ever read.

Watch Today’s Video

Here’s David Heinemeier Hansson talking about why 37 Signals has a much different view on business than most technology companies. If you want a great look into the psyche of the guys at 37 Signals, this is a great video to watch.

Read It With Us: Satish Kanwar of Jet Cooper

We’ve got a new feature here at Read It For Me, and we are calling it “Read It With Us”. In some of our posts we’ll be including an interview with somebody else who has read the book and will be asking them for their insights. Satish Kanwar, a partner at Jet Cooper (a technology company working mainly with startups), joins us today. Here’s the interview!

5 ways to win a copy of “Rework”

We’ll be giving away 5 copies of Think Better this week. We really want you to have a copy of this book, and here’s how you can win:

1. Leave a thoughtful and relevant comment on any daily post this week. You can leave one comment per day, with each comment counting as one entry. Start today by commenting on the preview video below. (3 winners chosen).

2. Start a discussion on our Facebook fan page ( about the book.

3. Connect to me on LinkedIn with “Rework” in your email, and make sure to answer the question in item #2 of my profile summary. If we are already connected, send me an email with an answer to that question. Just so you don’t miss it, the question is: “I’m trying to ___________ (insert goal) and I need help connecting with __________ (insert resources or name of person). Can you help?”

  • Sean Shapcott
    Thanks Satish. I've got my copy of ReWork sitting on my desk. Just finishing up another book before I get to it.
  • vinnyverma
    Great interview & concept. Lots of valuable insights shared here. My copy of rework is in the mail.

    Keep the awesome content coming!

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