New How Summary Day 4: We Need New Heroes


Yesterday I had a great conversation with Pam Fox Rollin who told me that “we need new hereos”. I couldn’t agree more. Here are today’s thoughts on “The New How”.

Read It With Us: Pam Fox Rollin

We’ve got a new feature here at Read It For Me, and we are calling it “Read It With Us”. In each of our daily posts we’ll be including an interview with somebody else who has read the book and will be asking them for their insights. Pam Fox Rollin of Idea Shape, a strategy consulting company, is our first guest and she did an amazing job. Here’s the interview!

New How Summary CoverWe’ll be giving away 5 copies of The New How this week. We really want you to have a copy of this book, so go watch the New How Summary Preview here to find out the 5 ways to win.

  • John
    Fortunately, I have been able to surround myself with people who do some very amazing things. As an adult, my heroes are the people who consistantly make a difference in their local community, region and society in general. We can all be someones hero, by just taking a few moments out of our day, in order to reach out to those people who we cross paths with. It may not seem significant to you at the moment, however, you never know the impact you can have.
  • John - such a great point - it sometimes doesn't take very long to act like a hero! The little things truly do matter. Thanks!
  • Janet Vanderhoof
    New Mythology and new heroes, Joseph Campbell expressed this years ago. Our country is in desperate need of new heroes, someone for our youth to immulate and be inspired by. I know they have found a lot of them through music and sports, but those have been brought down into shambles. Heroes are human, but they must have the charisma for positive change, ethics and integrity. I think I need to read this book.
  • Agreed! Our new heroes are not heroes anymore. It's time for a new breed of leader to step up!
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