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Have you ever wondered what it takes to be truly indispensable to your organization? Well, wonder no longer. In Seth Godin’s new book “Linchpin”, he both inspires and instructs in what it takes to truly become a changemaker in the world. Below you’ll find a video summary of the book and 5 chances to win your own copy.

5 ways to win a copy of Linchpin:

We’ll be giving away 5 copies of Linchpin this week as we get ready to host a webinar with Seth next Monday. We really want you to have a copy of this book, and here’s how you can win:

1. Leave a thoughtful and relevant comment on any daily post this week. You can leave one comment per day, with each comment counting as one entry. Start today by commenting on the video below. (2 winners chosen).

2. Sign up for, and attend, the webinar we are hosting with Seth next Monday. Find out more here:

3. Join our Facebook fan page ( Becoming a fan is an automatic entry.

4. Enter our “sweepstakes” here: (

NOTE: this closes just before 11pm on Friday, and winners will be notified by email on Saturday. Good luck!

Watch the Linchpin summary video

  • Chris Palengat
    Excellent. Many thanks for the summary.
  • Chris Eh Young
    I think reading at least one Seth Godin book should be mandatory for anyone in business today. he is always spot on and relevant.
  • Cheryl Nunn
    Great Job Steve, you have an energetic and engaging presentation style, your graphics and background music add interest and understanding to the message. Hope your business grows exponentially! Keep the business books coming. I purchased several of them because I saw your video about them.

  • Christian Dion
    Thanks Steve for the great summary (again)!
    Focusing on what really matters on a daily basis is essential to unleash our 'Linchpin'. And unless we (as entrepreneurs or employees) have a clear vision and aligned goals that resonate with our true passions, we might just drift to the shore like a sail boat without a sail... In other words, like Seth says, to get this done, we must be able to make those critical choices, with the ability to let go and make it happen!
    Let's always remember that we are getting paid to the degree of which we bring value to the marketplace... And I think Seth Godin in Linchpin describes really well the new "value" we must be willing to step up to, in order to leave our mark, and be considered one of the 'great'.
  • No, thank YOU for a great comment! I especially like the insight on focussing on what matters on a daily basis. This is such a hard thing to put into practice, but it's the last 5% that makes the difference between successes and failures.
  • monika hardy
    excellent. people are definitely getting their money's worth. thank you Steve.

    fyi - i get to do an innovation lab for the district next year. kids creating their own course and becoming tech interns. they are all going to read or listen to linchpin.

    your slides keep getting better and better. i esp like the white font on the tourq blue.. :)
  • I do my best :) That's incredible that you are going to have the kids read Linchpin. I can't wait to see what they will create!
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